Since ancient times, Hellenic tradition was searching and expressing, in every activity, the laws of Harmony. In this piece of music, the music of the 17 stringed lyra of Michael Karavasilis and the specific frequencies which are synchronising the brain’s hemispheres by Nikolaos Magalios, are entraining the brain towards a deeper and expanded state of consciousness. This is accomplished in three ways, firstly, lyra is tuned/chorded at note C (523 Hz), as opposed to all of western instruments which are tuned at note A (440 Hz). Do bear in mind that the vibration of note LA corresponds to the area of the navel, while that of note C corresponds to the area of the heart. Secondly, the presumed frequency of hemispheric synchronisation is also “tuned” at note C and, thirdly, it guides the brain into emitting Delta waves (0,5 – 4 Hz). It is recommended for sleep, deep meditation and deep relaxation.
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